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Finding Great People

We love to source fantastic candidates to add value to our clients’ businesses.  Key steps in this critical process can include some, or all of the following:

  • Producing an accurate Job Description, including a Person Specification setting out the key skills and attributes of the employer’s ideal candidate;
  • Writing a punchy, eye-catching advert that attracts a range of suitable applicants;
  • Drawing on our wide networks to identify potential candidates who may not be actively seeking a change;
  • Conducting in-depth screening and/or final interviews to get to know the person;
  • Following up with Pre-employment Checks and if required, Psychometric Testing to help make critical selection decisions, the most informed possible.

Helping employers discover what people’s real skills are, recognising ‘best fit’ between a candidate and an employer, and supporting organisations to make great employment selection decisions, gives us an on-going vested interested in our clients’ future success!

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We also hold a database of job seeker candidates who may fill your employment needs.  Contact us if you would like to discuss this service in more detail.


Pre-employment Checks

“Past behaviour is the best predictor of future behaviour”

Some of the most useful information about a potential applicant’s strengths and preferences in the workplace come from carrying out in-depth reference checks.  We aim always to take these from previous employers (usually the most recent), and verbally wherever possible, so that items can be clarified and discussed in the context of the job role being recruited for.

Checks for credit rating and criminal history checks can also be undertaken for jobs where a sound credit rating and clean police record are necessary.


Psychometric Testing

Psychometric testing assesses the way in which people think.

They can be used to assess a candidate’s critical thinking skills (verbal and/or numerical) or their responses to different work situations (e.g. Sales Preference, Health and Safety Indicator) which can be a predictor of future job success.  Some basic skills testing is also available.

Personality profiling can provide valuable insights to the ‘whole person’ applying for your job – not just the image the candidate presents at interview.

We use testing products from Saville and Holdsworth Ltd and Opra Consulting.

Talk to a member of Our Team if you would like more information on a suitable suite of tests to suit your own recruitment project.



Remuneration Advice

Recruiting and then keeping the best people depends largely on paying them a rate that they consider to be fair.

On a job by job basis we can source current market data to advise on pay ranges which match or exceed the market.

HR Policies & Manuals

HR Policies & Procedures are essentially the in-house rules for your organisation setting out ‘how we do things round here’. 

They can cover anything from procedures to deal with Sickness/Absence and to rules for IT Usage, Long Service Leave, Study Leave, Alcohol and Drugs Testing and Disciplinary Procedures.

Whether you need to draft a completely new policy, prepare a full in-house Policy Manual or would simply like an opinion to check that your own document has covered all the bases, we are happy to help.



Workplace Safety Management

Visit our Health and Safety page


Employment Agreements

By far the most critical document in the employment relationship is the Employment Agreement.

We update our templates continuously in light of changes in legislation and decisions in the Courts setting new precedents in Case Law.

The importance of getting the wording of Employment Agreements right for your own employment situation cannot be underestimated.

We can assist with preparing Individual Employment Agreements (Permanent, Fixed Term or Casual) tailored to the specific needs of the employer and of the individual employee.

We also assist with Collective Bargaining by acting as the Employer’s Advocate, advising on pre-requisite legal requirements to Collective Bargaining and conducting the bargaining on the employer’s behalf.

Whilst most bargaining is concluded satisfactorily, where required we can also call on the services of Copeland Ashcroft Law if specialist advice is required in the event of bargaining breaking down, attendance at mediation, and dealing with strikes and lock-outs.


e-form Warehouse

We will soon be offering a range of useful forms that can be used to manage different aspects of the employment relationship.

Every year we offer at least one seminar series to both existing and new clients.  Topics cover all of our main service offerings including:

  • Leadership Development
  • Myers Briggs Type Indicator©
  • Performance Management
  • Recruitment and Selection
  • Employment Law Updates
  • Health and Safety

For details of this year’s seminar series click here

We provide advice on a wide range of employment processes, including:

  • Managing underperformance
  • Handling disciplinary matters, including suspension, disciplinary warnings and dismissal
  • Restructuring & redundancy
  • Advising on the legal obligations of any party to the employment relationship, including employment relationship problems.

In addition, where no conflict exists with our employer clients, we can support and advise employee clients to resolve employment relationship problems and where necessary represent them in dealing with a personal grievance.

Whilst experienced practitioners in this field, our association with Copeland Ashcroft Law provides us with access to specialist legal advice on any complex or unusual questions of law. 

We have a range of tools to help employees who have been displaced due to redundancy. These can include:

  • Assistance with preparing a CV and job application
  • Interview techniques
  • Support in dealing with change to achieve positive outcomes

Our Products


  • Timesheets
  • Accident/Early Report Books
  • Leave Forms
  • Maintenance checklists
  • Contractor pads
  • Individual staff files



  • Application form

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